I work to ensure that all of my home inspections are done with the same care and attention that I would use on my own home for my own family. I am only happy when I know that my clients are happy. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for contributing to my website.

Paul Snook

This will confirm the results of my home inspection performed by Paul Snook. From the moment of the first contact and up to and including the follow through after a detailed and professional inspection, I can assuredly report that your services were exemplary. Care was taken to every detail in acting on my behalf in acquiring my new residence. I have complete assurance that every aspect involved in the real estate transaction has been addressed. I now understand what is meant when therapists refer to the 3 Big Stressors: Death, Divorce and a Move!  It is a huge “sigh of relief” knowing that a certified home inspector operates with such integrity. Thank you so much for the way in which you “handled my file” providing the very best satisfaction of a job so well done.

Best Regards,

Paula Wieser
Dated July 2nd, 2012

The prompt and professional service we received from Final Walk Thru Home Inspections made for a a very stress free experience. We received the valuable information we were looking for to make an informed decision about our investment and our future. Happy to recommend Paul to anyone looking for a home inspection. No question about it, he knows what he’s doing and made us feel very comfortable with the entire process.

Thank you Paul,

Mr. & Mrs. Gourley
Dated May 8th, 2012