Why Home Inspections Are So Important

Why Home Inspections Are So Important

The simplest and most concise answer is that it protects you!

Purchasing a home is one of the most important things that you will do in your life. For many, it is the single largest and most expensive thing that they will ever buy. There is nothing worse than reading or hearing horror stories about home buyers that have been bitten because they didn’t have their own inspection done or the inspection was not thorough enough.

A qualified and diligent home inspector can help secure your investment. Ensure that your home is everything you want it to be and need it to be for yourself and your family. Here is a list of the Top 5 reasons a Home Inspection is so important:

5) Forecasting Future Costs

Home Inspection can reveal any number of minor problems. As a home ages it is very unlikely that maintenance and replacement will not be necessary. Prior to purchasing a home, your report from the Home Inspection can uncover existing issues, as well as identify potential problems that may arise down the road. This can be a valuable tool for budgeting maintenance costs on your new home.

4) Negotiation

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a Home Inspection report can provide you with the leverage to negotiate the right price. Noting that a home requires repair or that it is in perfect condition can provide you a powerful tool.

3) Insurance

Some insurance companies will not provide insurance if the home is afflicted with certain conditions. A Home Inspection can help you secure peace of mind.

2) Protection

A Home Inspection will uncover things about a home that the homeowner may not even have known about. Whether that be faulty wiring or foundation problems. The Home Inspections can protect you from making a poor investment.

1) Safety

Number one on the list because of things such as Carbon Monoxide, Mold, Radon, and Vermiculite. These are not things to be trifled with, as they each can be present in a home and each cause serious medical problems or even death!

Home Inspections help make the buying decision a pleasant one. After all, buying a home should be exciting, it should evoke feelings of joy and accomplishment. Happy Home Buying and Happy Home Selling!!!